Reflect and Liberate. Reflections, Paul’s Pre-K, Week 7

Whereas we were getting about 3 days of school in at first, suddenly it’s more like one. What has changed? Probably that we have been busy every weekend with something. I had also been contemplating grad school, but per advice … Continue reading

Is it Working? Reflections, K Week 25

I feel like I’m at some kind of cross-roads right now; as though I am needing to make some sort of decision, I just don’t know entirely what the question is. I feel like this goes across the board, but … Continue reading

Colorful Affirmations. Reflections, K Week 21

I think, when I look back over this past week, the thing that stands out most in my mind is the countless hours that Elizabeth colored.  I personally love to color and colored in my little-kid Disney coloring books through … Continue reading

365 Days of Homeschooling. Reflections, K Week 15

I wasn’t sure what to call this post: ‘365 Days of Homeschooling’ or ‘I Don’t Know What to Write About in My Posts Anymore.’  That’s not because I don’t have anything to write about, nor that we didn’t do anything this … Continue reading

Dispersing Milkweed Seeds. Reflections, K Week 12

I think I’ve finally had the inspiration for my children’s book!  And it comes, of all things, from my own amazing daughter.  Well, it should come as no surprise really.  She really is so amazing! She has been having a … Continue reading

Turning Inward. Reflections, K Week 11

Again, at the end of this week, there is a feeling that seems most predominant in relation to our homeschool, though it really involves life in general.  I actually considered titling this post “Quitters” because that’s what I’ve been doing … Continue reading

Fun in a Bag of Nuts!

Elizabeth spotted a bag of mixed nuts in the shell at our rinky-dink grocery store the other day which carries about nothing interesting – but this was interesting!  Unfortunately, we were not having a good day that day, and so I … Continue reading

“I Cut Off Your Leg and Blood Spurts Out:” How Play Fighting Does More Than Teach Violence

I am not violent.  Contrary to what you are probably starting to think, while growing up, I would avoid conflict at almost any cost, though I’ve gotten better about standing up for myself as I have gotten older.  Peace is my … Continue reading

Soccer Struggles. Reflections, K Week 7

Soccer is in the girl’s blood, there’s no doubt about that.  Her father comes from a soccer-playing country where everyone knows how to play soccer.  She could dribble a ball within a month of learning how to walk (aka: when … Continue reading