Lessons From the Cat. Reflections, K Week 31

Another busy week.  I feel like I say that a lot, but life just kind of gains momentum once March hits and doesn’t slow down until November, as well now having to work on top of everything else adds a … Continue reading

Stories and Sickies. Reflections, K Week 19

Both Elizabeth and I have been wrapped up in stories lately. As far as Elizabeth goes, I am left feeling very surprised, because, for the most part, I have long felt that what she told me was the truth as … Continue reading

Celebrations! Reflections, K Week 17

We have seen lots of celebrations this week, both in our homeschool and every day life (though, for us, the two are intertwined).  One obvious celebration was Thanksgiving.  My dad hosted again, as he usually does, and in recent years, … Continue reading