Favorite Late-Summer Creatures: Sticks that walk, mantises, and tiny wolves

Summer is blending into autumn and now is one of the best times for finding all sorts of bugs if you just keep your observation glasses on. Here are some of the most interesting creatures we have seen of late. Continue reading

A Frog-tastic Summer

The kids always have their eyes open for neat things. It is frog and toad season now which means they are populous and easy to find, and here in upstate New York, we have a few frogs that are fairly common that the kids have run across recently. Continue reading

Tulip and Katydid go to Girl Scout Camp

My name was Katydid for a while this weekend. Sandra was Tulip. We were inspired by a katydid on the leaf of a tulip tree that we saw at Girl Scout camp. Then, following tradition, we took them on as our identities for the 24 hours we were there, which allowed me to forgot about my worries and the usual, mundane responsibilities I always have to hold onto and just have fun. Continue reading

Changing Leaves. Reflections, Paul’s Pre-K, Week 14

Autumn is definitely here. The trees in upstate New York are beginning to turn with the season. It’s always glorious. With Elizabeth in school, Paul and I have been able to get more done more often. We finished the fireflies … Continue reading

Nature Walks: Lake Ontario

“So come get ready, don’t delay! We’re on a nature tail today.” ~Maurice Pledger, from In the Forest Last Sunday we made a trip up to Lake Ontario to a place I worked as a Dune Steward the summer of ’04. … Continue reading

Identifying Areas To Improve Upon. Reflections, Paul’s Pre-K, Week 3

Week three done already!  It feels like we’ve been at this for much longer than that!  Paul is into it, he asks to do his “homework” just as sister had to do her’s during the school year.  I love that … Continue reading

Nature Walks – February 2016

“So come, get ready.  Don’t delay!  We’re on a nature trail today.” ~Maurice Pledger, from In the Forest February was up and down as far as weather went this year – we had 50-degree days, a day of freezing rain … Continue reading

Of Domestic and Wild Animals: Present and Prehistoric. Reflections, K Week 28

Animals have definitely been on the fore-front this week, from those that roam the outdoors today, to those that live on farms, all the way to those that lived millions of years ago!  It was a wild week! On Wednesday, … Continue reading

Nature Walks – January 2016

“So come, get ready.  Don’t delay!  We’re on a nature trail today.” ~Maurice Pledger, from In the Forest January 2016 was amazingly warm and lovely for…well…January…in upstate New York.  Alas, I feel that I totally missed the month though!  I don’t … Continue reading