Back To It!: Reflections, Pre-K weeks 1 & 2

I am so excited!  I have decided to homeschool Paul for pre-k and we started last week! He is old enough that he would be entering pre-k for the 2017-2018 year, but I just don’t think he is ready to be in school all day.  … Continue reading

Single-Parent Homeschool: Time vs. Money, Money vs. Time. Reflections, K Week 27

I figured out the question, finally.  I figured out the answer as well. I know myself.  I know when I’m trying to make a decision – a big one. It has felt that way over the past few weeks, though what … Continue reading

Is it Working? Reflections, K Week 25

I feel like I’m at some kind of cross-roads right now; as though I am needing to make some sort of decision, I just don’t know entirely what the question is. I feel like this goes across the board, but … Continue reading

Mommy’s Hopes and Dreams. (Self-)Reflections, K Weeks 23 and 24

I am at two weeks for posting, and I’ve got nothing – nothing!  Week 23 I had to go away for 4 days to TN with work, it was supposed to be a three day trip, but the snow stopped … Continue reading

Is it Time to Give Up Single Parent Homeschooling, or do I Struggle On? Reflections, K Week 22

Homeschooling as a single parent is a challenge.  Well, actually doing the homeschooling isn’t so much, but making it work financially is the challenge.  I can’t say that I am there yet, not making it by myself completely yet, after … Continue reading

Turning Inward. Reflections, K Week 11

Again, at the end of this week, there is a feeling that seems most predominant in relation to our homeschool, though it really involves life in general.  I actually considered titling this post “Quitters” because that’s what I’ve been doing … Continue reading

Am I Audacious Enough to Unschool? Reflections, K Week 10

That which stands out most in my mind this week is the huge doubt I have that I will be able to continue homeschooling in the future.  This is so disappointing, just the thought of it. The position of the … Continue reading

Quilting for Kindergarteners. Reflections, K Week 9

Elizabeth and I began a new unit this week, centering on the book A Quilt Story by Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola.  I must admit that I have found these last units much more intriguing than the first, really reaching … Continue reading

Thoughts on Children Learning Alongside Other Children

Last week, Elizabeth and I were working on our music unit.  I was also babysitting my cousin’s little girl, Emily, who is three.  By the end of the week, having run out of quite school activities to do while Emily was sleeping … Continue reading