A Day As Beautiful As This (Quote by Elizabeth)

Elizabeth, standing at the window and looking out, suddenly says, “I wish for a day as beautiful as this.”

I say, “Oh yeah?” to lead her on and see if she’ll elaborate.

“Yes,” she says, “because today is so beautiful: the sky is a rainbow, the sun is bright, and it is so beautiful outside. My wish is for a day as beautiful as today everyday.”

Sock It To Me (Quote)

“Any object in your household is a toy to a baby. So you can be doing laundry and sorting socks, and your child can just be putting the laundry in and out of the hamper. And you know what? To a child, that’s a perfectly fun way to learn up and down, and high and low, and in and out, and eventually reds and whites, and counting.”

~Maureen O’Brien, Ph.D, child development specialist and author of Watch Me Grow: I’m One-Two-Three

as quoted in Unplugged Play, by Bobbi Conner