Inspiring the Love of Reading — and a FREE printable from

For some children, reading comes easily, for others it is difficult, and then there are still others who fall somewhere in between. Once sparked, the love of being carried away by words, thrilling stories, and just the feel of a book has the power to entice a reluctant beginning reader to merely open the cover and enter.
Also in this post, is also offering a FREE printable to my readers to support the love of reading in your readers. Continue reading

8 Device-Free Activities to Encourage Creativity and Free-Play in Children

The current recommendation is that children have 2 hours or less of screen time a day, children under the age of two should have none,  here are eight easy ideas to get kids away from the screen and moving around. Continue reading

Favorite Late-Summer Creatures: Sticks that walk, mantises, and tiny wolves

Summer is blending into autumn and now is one of the best times for finding all sorts of bugs if you just keep your observation glasses on. Here are some of the most interesting creatures we have seen of late. Continue reading