My name is Gabrielle. I live in upstate NY with my two kids, Sandra and Rene (referred to by pseudo names Elizabeth and Paul, respectively, until January 2019). I have a B.S. in Environmental and Forest Biology, and am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

This blog has evolved over the years, and continues to do so as we begin 2019. I started blogging with aplaceforlittlethoughtstogrow.wordpress.com in 2014 while I was still married and Rene (aka Paul) was a baby. I then decided to homeschool Sandra (aka Elizabeth), and loved blogging so much, I started up this one under the name of Seed to Seedling.

Well, my marriage fell apart and I had to get a full-time job, which, if you read my “reflections” from our homeschooling days, you will be enlightened of (not to ruin the surprise or anything!). Both kids are now in public school, but I am cool with that. They seem to really enjoy it, and I enjoy it as well. My career, on the other hand – eh, I am still trying to find my place.

Last summer, I started another blog on a self-hosted site, with the same URL as this site, but a .com, but I have been thinking that for the price of that, I might as well just put my scant 20 posts on this site and have it be for free. Free from the headache too. Coming back over to this site kind of feels like I am coming home as well. Which is really refreshing.

So, Seed to Seedling is now A Place for Little Sprouts to Grow, and it is going in a parenting direction as opposed to a homeschooling direction. I am planning to head back to college in the fall for a masters and also currently do some professional freelance writing, so I’m not sure how much time I will have to dedicate here, but I’m liking the idea of picking my little blog back up again.

Interestingly, I am going back to school for teaching at the elementary level. Rereading my old posts is bittersweet: how I loved homeschooling and had been so heart broken to come to terms with the idea that it is not my future, but perhaps it has been a priming for another direction in my life. Rereading my posts adds fuel to my excitement about my plans – and I take that to be a good sign.

If you’d like to read more by me, check out my other blog: Seedling, where I used to muse about gentle parenting, nature, and seeking happiness. This site was not up for a while because I didn’t renew my premium package, but tonight I discovered that it is back online again. I’m thinking that I might like to augment the content on Seedling as well.

Professionally, I have been blogging for Life in the Finger Lakes magazine for almost 3 years, and am in my second year of carrying a column on health in the paper magazine. My personal blogs were started for fun and with the idea of just getting some practice and experience to gain paid jobs – and it worked! Having my name published in the print magazine has been a dream come true! Links to some of my work include: Wanna Get a Burger? Maybe Baby, and A Black “Gray” Squirrel? My most recent full-length article published online as of 1/2019 is: Making Connections Through Tai Chi (story and photos are mine).

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at: aplaceforlittlesproutstogrowATgmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by. Paz!

PS: Most names have been changed for anonymity. Thanks for understanding!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I admire your bravery and your commitment to homeschooling. It is a very hard but rewarding journey. Encouraged and know that no matter how hard it may be, you are giving your daughter a great gift that can only come from you. May you be blessed on your journey.

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