Back To It! Reflections, Paul’s Pre-K, Weeks 1 & 2

I am so excited!  I have decided to homeschool Paul for pre-k and we started last week!

He is old enough that he would be entering pre-k for the 2017-2018 year, but I just don’t think he is ready to be in school all day.  Heck I can’t even get him to sit at the table for 15 minutes to eat dinner.  I am a single parent working full-time so I was thinking I wasn’t going to do anything with him for pre-k, just let him play at the sitter’s this year, but then I just decided that it really doesn’t take that much time out of my day to do the schooling (for pre-k), so what would it hurt?  I am using the Moving Beyond the Page pre-k packaged curriculum again as I did with Elizabeth.  I am familiar with the books and materials, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Over this past year I have lamented that we had to give up homeschooling and I am constantly scheming ways to get out of working full-time in an office (not my cup of tea) and into work that will give me more freedom so I can homeschool again.  It has really sat heavy in my heart that Paul would miss out on this foundation: a foundation of having learning be fun and full of outdoor activities and art and play.  It also bothered me that he was missing a foundation where learning doesn’t have to be full of so much of the pressure that is present in school.  In addition, I wanted him to feel my  love for him and feel the message that if mom is taking the time to do this with him, he would know that I love him and am patient with him.  That is so important to me.

I decided to start now rather than in September as I feel like this will take pressure off and we can go at our own pace.  So far we have done the first few lessons (though I don’t really go in order).  He doesn’t seem 100% ready for handwriting, so we are doing the optional extensions the curriculum gives.  I am very impressed though.  For the past year, for my part, I feel like all I do is go to work, come home and cook, wash bodies, and/or clean.  I don’t really feel like I put enough quality time into the kids, and that makes me so sad.  Luckily, my babysitter is amazing and she does a lot of enrichment activities.  I was impressed that Paul knew how to write an A when we got started, though it’s sad that he doesn’t recognize many of the letters nor know the sounds.  But I’ve been doing the best that I can, I give 100% every day.

The Moving Beyond the Page curriculum begins with the book A is for Musk Ox by Erin Cabatingan and illustrated by Matthew Myers.  This is not my favorite book in the curriculum because the musk ox is a bully at times, and I had originally thought that I would replace it with an alphabet book from the Global Village School curriculum about farms because Paul loves the farm.  In the end I decided to use the book as a tool to approach the topic of bullying instead.  At age four, we discussed it, but kids seem to dismiss it.  If I look at Elizabeth, I can see that it is worth it because she is very concerned about treating other people and public property properly (brother is exempt from that of course) but at first she acted like the topic was too difficult to process.

So far, we have made an alphabet caterpillar, pretended to be musk oxen under attack by a wolf, written letters in sand, and cut and paste which Paul really seems to enjoy.

I’ve been having some problems with my shoulder and when I went to the doctor’s and said that it hurt while I was pretending to be a musk ox he paused and said, “A musk ox?  I’ve never heard that one before.”




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