Elizabeth’s 3-V Salad

We went to my dad’s house the other day for a low-carb dinner and I was going to make something but didn’t, so Elizabeth decided that she wanted to offer something of her own. In retrospect, this is not the first time that I’ve intended to bring something to a family function and didn’t but she did. Haha!

Well, Elizabeth loves vegetables and healthy eating (another point scored for Mom!), and one of the foods that she is able to make herself is a tossed salad. I, of course, supervise her while she is cutting with the sharp knife, but she does cut up her vegetables all by herself. As she is trying to not cut her fingers accidentally at the same time, she generally cuts everything into very large chunks, which I’m cool with: I’ll take large vegetable chunks in the salad over little finger chunks and trips to the hospital any day.

This particular night, Elizabeth pulled out some multi-colored tomatoes, sugar snap peas and baby carrots I had gotten her the previous day from Wegmans (my favorite store on Earth) and made us a 3-V Salad. It was totally delicious and really excited me for some reason.


Elizabeth was even her own photographer!

Anyone who can handle a knife can make one, all you need is three vegetables, chop them up, mix, and voila! 3-V Salad! Any dressing can be added, and any other salad ingredients as desired, but it is an easy side dish that any budding chef can begin with.

Share your thoughts: What ingredients will you put into your own 3-V Salad?


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