Passing Around the Love: Seed To Seedling was Nominated for the Liebster Peer Award and Now I’m Passing it On

Thanks so much to Sticky Booger Homeschoolers blog for nominating Seed To Seedling for the Liebster Peer Award.  I know it’s been a while since the nomination was made, but I’ve finally had my first chance to get the post up.  I apologize in advance too if some of the blogs have been nominated previously by other blogs, I just don’t have a lot of time to research if they have been.  At any rate, I have chosen blogs with 212 or less followers that I highly enjoy – and I hope my readers will enjoy meeting them too if they haven’t all ready found them on the web.
“The Liebster Award is something within the blogging world that is passed on from one new blogger to the next.  It is an honor to receive a nomination because it means your blog has been recognized for its potential to grow and reach others…. and someone liked it enough to give it to you!” (As quoted by Julia Goss author of Beyond the books Homeschool blog when she nominated my blog Seedling for the award.)
In receiving the award, each nominee is asked 11 questions by the nominating blog, and then will nominate 11 more blogs, which are passed the task of nominating 11 more blogs and posing 11 questions to answer as well.  So, here are the questions with my answers to those that were posed by Sticky Boogers:
008What is the story behind your blog name?  Seed To Seedling got it’s name as a shoot-off of my other blog, Seedling.  “Seedling” was a power image I used in college to represent something small growing up into something strong, with the emphasis on growing.  If we all take the stance that we are all seedlings throughout our lives, then the desire to grow and learn will never leave us, and humility will remain ours as we see how small we really are yet realize that even a redwood begins as a little seed.  As such, when I began my homeschooling blog, I wanted something that represented my kids learning and growing, starting out small.
When and why did you start blogging?  I began blogging about 2 years ago now – wow!  Seed To Seedling was born about 6 months into my blogging journey when I decided to homeschool my daughter.
086Where you like to be in 5 years time?  In five years, I’d like to be between peace, contentment, growth, and adventure!
If you could write a letter to yourself 10 years ago, what is one thing you would tell your younger self?
God, this question is really hard.  My post is all ready to be published…except for this question.  What would I tell me?  I think I’d tell my college self to get as much experience as I could in my chosen career; to go above and beyond just for the sake of it, and to be active in whatever my pursuits are.  I would tell myself that if I found that I then hesitated or didn’t want to, to then go ahead with what I did feel a passion for – which may have included a major change or a transfer to another college.  I don’t regret going to college at all, I just wish that I knew that I’d need 1-2 years  of specialized experience to get any job that would pay the bills.  I wish that I’d known what those huge college loans that I signed onto without much thought at the time felt like when I was done with college but unsure if I wanted to pursue work in my degree area or not.  I wish I’d really been sat down, or had sat myself down, with someone and gone over the things I would do without getting paid, just because I liked to, and then considered those more seriously as career paths.  I wish that I’d had a better idea of what careers there were available, rather than just the “usual.”  Again, I don’t totally regret going to college nor my degree, but I think there were other paths that would have fit with me better, if I’d known they were valid to begin with.
What do you find to be the most challenging part of blogging?  Finding the time, and having a post that I think might be really well liked, and then not have much movement on it.  😦

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be?  I’d like to see the northern lights before I perish.

What is your favorite food?  It’s totally not a vegan choice, but I love my dad’s b-b-q chicken recipe that was handed down through this father’s side of the family.

What is one thing that you want to do before you die?  See a book with my name on the cover.

imageWhat is your favorite post that you have written?  Hmmm, that’s a toughy.  On Seed To Seeding, that’s probably I Count Myself Blessed. Reflections Week 6.  Week 6 of homeschooling – as in my 6th week of homeschooling!  And I all ready felt blessed!  The awareness and being present with my daughter that I had in that post has not gone away.  And I still feel blessed.

What advice would you give to someone just starting a blog?  I guess it would depend on why they are blogging.

‘Lower your expectations is a good one:’ if you think your blog is going to be a mega hit over night, definitely lower it.  My experience, as I pay attention to the success of other blogs, is that the people who post often – especially every day – are the ones that get the most hits and followers faster, but it still takes time.

But if you are blogging for yourself, forget about that rat-race, because it adds unnecessary pressure to something that is meant to be fun.  I admit that it disliked it when WordPress changed their admin format so that I was obligated to see my stats every day, as soon as I opened the blog; it made something that had been for pleasure suddenly a little stressful.

What is one goal related to blogging that you would like to complete in the next year?  To see my YA novel linked to Amazon for buyers to purchase!  Oh yeah!

And now, my favorite part of receiving this award is deciding which blogs to pass it on to.  For me, quality trumps quantity, and my choices are determined by quality blogs which may not necessarily post every day – or even every week – but who’s content is such that I am motivated to look them up if I have not caught something by them in my reader for a while.  And, without further adieu, here are my top 11 blog choices with (about) 200 or less followers (in no particular order at all):
1.  Bee Happy Now – Poetry, unschooling, kids, and lots of looking for the beauty in this world.
2.  camilla4peace – In 2014, Camilla wrote about the 100 altruistic acts she performed during the year, and then moved onto becoming aware of different topics of concern and trying to expend positive energy towards the cause in 2015.  Can’t wait to see what she moves onto in 2016.
3.  Dadosaurus Rex – Unschooling and free-spirited parenting with a breath of Buddhism.
4.  my homeschooled kid – Unschooling and dragon literature – this blog is straight out of my dreams!
5.  Life Already in Progress – Somehow, even through divorce, life carries on like it was all ready in progress, mixed with the good and the not so great.
6.  Happy Hearts Homeschool – Follow one tight-knit family as they homeschool, back from living oversees and finding their place again in a beautiful way.
7.  Kind Cotton – Pure vintage and homeschooling.
8.  Lit Mama Homeschool – Homeschooling with a fire for literature, daily fun, and insight.
9.  Lil Shoes – Filling life with love through adoption and homeschooling.
10.  My Pink Champagne Life – A real life fairy tale to inspire the rest of us, cuz nobody’s perfect when it’s real life.  🙂
11.  Parenting Maze – Navigating the, well, maze of parenting!
Instructions for New Nominees:
~ Create a blog post on your site, answering the questions I have provided below.
~ In your post, be sure to link back to the blog that nominated you (me!) with a thank you and a shout out.
~ After completing the questions, add a section listing your 11 nominee choices, with links, for your favorite blogs with under 200 followers (I try to choose blogs that haven’t had the award, but you can do what you feel is best for you).
~ Provide your nominees with these instructions and give them 11 questions to answer (you can use mine, the ones from Sticky Boogers, or make up your own).
~ Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so they know what to do.
~ When you’re all finished, come back here and comment with the link to your post so I can read your answers!

My 11 questions for my receiving blogs to fill out in their nomination acceptance posts:

0211.  What is something that you appreciate today and why?

2.  What is something that you recently learned?

3.  What is something that you love about yourself and why?

4.  What is something that you had always wished to do and achieved?

5.  What is something that you still wish to do before you pass on?

6.  How many languages do you speak?

7.  If you made a New Year’s Resolution for 2015, did you work towards it throughout the year?  If so, in what way?

8.  What is one way in which you live authentically?

9.  What is one of your own ‘natural highs’?

10.  What is your wish for the world and how do you work towards it?

11.  Direct us toward your favorite post on your blog, and tell us why it is.


Happy New Year to all my readers, and especially to my award recipients!  I hope the new year finds you also between peace, contentment, growth, and adventure.


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