Celebrations! Reflections, K Week 17

We have seen lots of celebrations this week, both in our homeschool and every day life (though, for us, the two are intertwined).  One obvious celebration was Thanksgiving.  My dad hosted again, as he usually does, and in recent years, my mom and grandmother on my mom’s side have come to celebrate as well, in addition to my two sisters and my older sister’s husband.  It was odd this year to not have my (ex)husband included on purpose, and the thought lingered in my mind most of the day, but I stuck to my guns and let us be happy and move on without him.  We all enjoyed ourselves, as usual, I especially enjoyed myself because I chose to forego the turkey this year in an act of compassion (see my post on Seedling: Compassionate Thanksgiving), and felt really good afterward that I’d had the self-discipline to actually do it!  I also didn’t feel uncomfortably stuffed, and I loved the meal that I made for myself.

Earlier in the week, Elizabeth and I finished up the Moving Beyond The Page curriculum!  Celebration!!!  In leu of this, we made a “Secret Chocolate Cake,” which is a big hit with everyone who comes in contact with it because it is incredibly delicious.  Want to know the secret?


Pureed beets!  It gives the cake a beautiful dark color, and leaves it super moist – in a way that only gets better the following days before it is eaten up, unlike cakes made from boxed mixes which, to me, seem to turn into cardboard a few hours after they cool.


Elizabeth requested to frost and decorate her celebration cake with candles, so I let her put on what she wanted (most of the bag-full of left-over birthday candles), and she got out this Wolverine popsicle stick puppet that she had made a few weeks ago.  It was fun, beautiful, and delicious.  Definitely worth celebrating!  Now, to finish up completely, we just have to find the time to go through the projects that we did over this past year and a half with the curriculum, but other stuff just keeps getting in the way it seems.

One such thing is that we added a new member to the family yesterday.  Meet Sir Percival the Stout and Awesome!


He came from the SPCA with the name Percy, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to elaborate on it.  I had previously decided that any animal that we got that all ready had a name ought to keep their name, though adding second and third names is always in the realm of possibilities.  And since Percy is short for Percival, and Percival is a name that brings to mind knightly things, and he is a BIG boy, I had ‘Sir Percival the Stout’ all ready conjured before we even had him in the carrier.  I let Elizabeth chose another name to tag on, and she wanted ‘Awesome,’ which I think will be good to help her adjust to him since he isn’t the kitty that we were intending to bring home, and oftentimes adjectives that you give to yourself or others become the truth, so ‘Awesome’ is an awesome addition to our kitty’s all ready awesome name (if I may say so myself).  I’m always looking for unique, and I bet there is no other cat out there with the name Sir Percival the Stout and Awesome, but correct me if I’m wrong.

We are all still adjusting to each other, but I think that he will be an awesome addition to the family once he settles in; he is young and likes to play but doesn’t seem to mind being petted or having his tail touched and didn’t seem terribly afraid of Paul when we were at the humane society.  Now that we’ve got the cat home, the boy feels that he needs to chase the kitty, but once the novelty wears off, I think we will all fit together really well.

Share your thoughts:  What are some fun celebrations you have done?  Are you one of those people who likes to make regularly scheduled celebrations, or are you like me and hardly even make birthdays and anniversaries into a big deal?  Or, have you any plans to make additions to your family this holiday season?



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