Nature Walks – September 2015

“So come, get ready.   Don’t delay!  We’re on a nature trail today.”

~Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

September.  September done, no less.  Actually, my nature walks pictures from September 2014 were in my mind all month.  I kept remember things that we saw last summer that we didn’t see this summer at all, mostly because of the absence of Chepe.  He did spend a lot of time outside and in the garden, for better or worse, and was more intimately acquainted with some of my woods than I am.  I felt that in a way that our pictures for this summer weren’t quite as interesting as those from last year, but then I tried to remind myself that the kids and I were still outside, and no matter what happens in my personal life, what we see year to year will change – that is the wonder of living right in the woods.

This month’s pictures reveal the world moving towards autumn, a season that sets my heart to flight; I love the harvest and the changing colors and the smell.  Here in upstate New York, just a drive down the road to town is so beautiful!  As well, autumn is a time that reminds us take stock of the things that die within us, those things going dormant.  Apple, pear, and plum trees all need periods of frost in order to produce the following year, that is why they do not grow in tropical areas.  We as humans can use the autumn to let our souls quiet before sprouting out with something new.  Now is the time to acknowledge that which dies within us, to let it go as we should, and take stock of that which is left to sustain us through the frozen winter.  May you let go of that which needs letting go and quiet your soul so that it may sprout out all the more stronger in the spring.


This spider had a beautiful, perfect web that stretched from the roof of the horseless horse barn all the way down to the ground.  In the autumn light, it was just spectacular.  The next time we went down to the field, it was gone.


Luckily, we don’t have much poison ivy growing on our property.  I once had a job on Ontario Lake in which I had to walk through it every day – and never got it, which was amazing as I am one of those people who doesn’t get sick a lot, but I have lots of issues that affect my skin.  These four plants are all the poison ivy we have on our property that I know of.  Poison ivy is tough to get rid of, but last year Chepe tried to rip it out.  He missed these ones apparently and unfortunately, they are out behind our house, just out of the clearing where the bird feeders are, so the kids are prohibited from playing down there unsupervised.  I took this picture to help Elizabeth identify the plant better.


We found this fuzzy, yellow caterpillar the same day that Paul picked up the irritating cocoon.  I don’t know if the black hairs are irritating as well, though from now on I’m going to assume so!

Share your thoughts:  What are some fun and interesting things you saw this month on your nature trail?



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