Obstacles Defeated. Reflections, K Week 8

The idea of some obstacles hang over your head and you can’t mentally muscle your way past them.  Others, you can physically muscle your way past them, and others you kind of do both.  Some obstacles are just too big, some are so small that they are not challenging, and others, they are just right.

Yep, right now we are being faced all of the above choices.  Luckily, some obstacles in life present just the right challenge, and when defeated, a sense of triumph tastes sweet in our mouths!

What do you think we did this week in our little Seed To Seedling homeschool?!  Yes, I made an obstacle course!  I rock.  It wasn’t the most difficult obstacle course ever, and I’m sure that some people who make YouTube videos would laugh at my modest course, but I thought it was fun.  The best part about it was that it pulled in lots of different elements to move Elizabeth’s body, included a little bit of dribbling the soccer ball, and had some elements that she herself added as well, which makes it even more validating and fun for her.


My homemade obstacle course. (The bumpy pumpkin in the Adirondack chair was merely a spectator.)

My picture leaves out some of the elements in the course, but here’s the description:  First she had to drive Paul’s little electric Lightning McQueen car down the sidewalk, then, step through the inner tubes and jump over the flippers.  Next, Elizabeth had to dribble the soccer ball around the staggered cones (of which there are 4).  Next, she had to throw Frisbees through a hula hoop that is hanging from the tree (it’s orange, you can just barely see it), and after that drive the dump truck up the purple yoga mat and dump out the load.  After that, she had to crawl underneath the folding chair and run to touch the porch (which you can’t see).  Her added elements included pushing the dump truck in the fore of the picture down to the end of the sidewalk and also moving some little toy road rollers and front loaders through the grass.

I did try the course, and almost nose-dived into the yard on the dump truck.  I also modified climbing under the folding chair by lifting it up over myself.  I’m not quite as limber, or little, as I once was.  🙂

After the obstacle course, we had a tossing contest and then played soccer for a bit.  I was hoping that since we had so much fun on the obstacle course and by practicing at home yesterday that she would participate in this weekend’s soccer game, but nope.  She did get up and think about playing, so that’s a start in the right direction.  Hopefully she will help out her team at least once more before the end of the season, but it is very possible that she will sit every single game out.  Oh well.  (Check out last weeks post about our Soccer Struggles for more on how soccer has been going.)

I myself defeated another obstacle this week as well:  I finished drawing up the Global Village School curriculum for when we finish the Moving Beyond The Page one.   And as we are now on unit 23/26, we are right on time.  (Actually there are 30 units, but the 4 holiday units are long over, so we just have three units left to finish up.)

020I am relieved.  I don’t know as it is as good as I had hoped.  Sometimes I worry that the focus is too big; I want to include the world in her learning and I worry that I miss the local stuff.  But when I listen to this doubt, I also remember that I want her to know that she is part of the world and that children play and learn and love and hurt all over the world, just like she does, so maybe I’m not so far off.  The Global Village School curriculums really incorporate this into their learning, even for young grades like kindergarten.

I also read through some of what I’ve drawn up and think that now that I’m on my own I will not be able to do those things: many of the things that involved taking her out into the community to talk to people, or on trips.  I just don’t think that I will have the time/money to be able to this year.  But it is what it is, and as she is only five, I guess this year may not be the year of field trips, but rather getting over the bumps of an upheaval in our entire way of life.  I’ve said before that I feel this curriculum will be healing, and when I was contemplating today possibly returning to Moving Beyond The Page again next year because it is all ready organized in a way the Global Village School one isn’t, I think how much I love the books and the resources, and tell myself that I can make it work; that is if I am able to continue homeschooling next year at all, right now, everything is in limbo.

But I feel in a positive place.  I have done what I had promised myself that I would do.  There are things out of my control that I can’t guess at, so there is no use worrying about it.  I am moving forward in more ways than one, and we are finding our place little by little, or I am at least, and I am trying to help the children find theirs.  It’s hard, I don’t deny that, but life is sweet too, as long as I have my kiddos.

Share your thoughts: What are some obstacles you have defeated in relation to homeschool?



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