Blue + Yellow Doesn’t Necessarily Equal What You Think. Reflections, K Weeks 5 and 6

These past two weeks, our Moving Beyond The Page unit focused on friendship and colors, centering on Leo Leonni’s book, Little Blue and Little Yellow.  Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed this unit, as it involved lots of color blending.  Per the curriculum, she did some super awesome paintings by putting a piece of paper into a cake pan, then placing dabs of color at each corner of the paper and rolling two bouncy balls (which happened to be half yellow and half blue) through the paint, thus blending the colors into unique patterns.  With her love of color blending, we couldn’t stop at mixing only yellow and blue, nor just making orange and purple – oh no!  I think I ended up with 5 or six pictures!


Bouncy ball paintings.

Since Little Blue does not follow the rules and he and Little Yellow go out and play against his mother’s instruction, one modification that I made to the unit was meeting a friend at the playground and going over the rules of the park.  We also read a book from the Global Village School curriculum about how children play around the world, which Elizabeth found very interesting.  The MBTP curriculum also included the activity of going on a nature walk and looking for colors in nature.  Since we live in the woods and it is early September, it was a wonderful time to do this activity.  Elizabeth and I took turns drawing what she found; I am impressed with her improving drawing skills that are beginning to show that she is drawing what she sees, and is getting a handle on how shapes and forms are put together to make up objects.  Up until recently, she would not draw, and then when she began to last year it was really just scribbles.  So much has changed in her in just one year!  It’s almost unbelievable!  Is it selfish that I want to be the one who is here with her, teaching her and watching her as she grows?  Whether it is or not, it’s true!


A liger (lion and tiger hybrid)

My last modification was a fun and simple one.  I merely looked for pictures on the net of color crosses in nature.  A famous example for all college genetics students would be crossing fruit flies with different eye colors and vestigial or regular wings to produce desired traits.  I found a picture of a similar experiment with mice and Elizabeth and I talked about how some species of animals, such as horses in particular, are bred to produce desired coat patterns.  We also talked about how dog breeders cross certain breeds of dogs to get desired outcomes, such as the current popular crosses of puggles and jugs, etc.  Then I showed her some fun pictures of hybrid animals, such as hebras (a cross between a zebra and a stallion), and liger (a cross between a lion and a tiger).  She thought they were very interesting, and those pictures had to be made the wallpaper of the iPad.  🙂

zebra and donkey hybrid

A zonkey (donkey and zebra hybrid).


Photo credits:

Bouncy ball paintings: mine

Zonkey and liger photos via  Click on photo to be redirected to photographer’s Flickr page.

Zonkey photo by: Leogirly4life

Liger photo by: James Saunders


Share your thoughts:  What does “blue + yellow” mean to you?


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