Happy 1 Year Homeschooling! And Reflections, Week 48

Today, July 28, 2015, marks one year homeschooling Elizabeth!  Today I will count as the official first day of kindergarten, we are all done with pre-k!  Oh my – my little girl is growing up!

Even though we have now commenced with the kindergarten grade year, we are going to finish up the pre-k curriculum.  As a matter of fact, Moving Beyond The Page webpage states that the ages 4-5 curriculum is appropriate as a kindergarten curriculum if it is paired with a phonics program, and is state aligned for K math and language arts.  As well, we only have 6 units left of the curriculum, so I have estimated that by continuing through the summer, Elizabeth and I should finish it up about when the public school year will begin.  I’m not going to worry about the phonics stuff, Global Village School (GVS), which is the curriculum I am using for Kindergarten, neither suggests a phonics program, nor worries that children need one.

Two weeks ago, I had no work.  Last week I worked every single day.  Even so, feeling a little secure that we’d have a little bit of money to live on this month, Elizabeth and I did some school a few days when I was home before 5pm.  We had taken the entirety of the prior month to work through most of the Unit 19: Jump, Frog, Jump!, and there are still activities that were left undone, but we just couldn’t seem to do it, so I scrapped the end of the unit and moved onto the next.  This one feels a lot better and we are all ready 4 days in!  Unit 20!  I can’t believe it!

If you’ve been following Seed To Seedling, you will probably have noticed that I have been worried about not having the K curriculum drawn up by the time we begin.  I have been trying to stop worrying about it.  Every time I read the parents’ manual, I am reminded that school happens all of the time, and doesn’t always follow a plan.  Take for example Elizabeth’s school idea today, which she did almost all by herself while I was on the phone getting some information from my cousin:


Paper cup puppets!  She came up with the idea of how to put them together, I just cut the slits for the popsicle sticks and suggested that she give them clothes on the cups!  It’s very clever.  She is very clever!

Maybe I really can pull this off!  Maybe I really can do it!  As I said before, if I give myself no other option, then I can’t fail.  And if a person really sets their mind to something and explores all options, they will find a way.  I will find a way.  I will get the GVS curriculum put together.  If I don’t (which I will), Elizabeth and I will come up with cool things to do anyway since she is so clever, and then we will read the books and throw it together, since I was more or less unschooling before I started homeschooling.  We talk a lot, read together, I sit down and do crafts with them, we cook together, clean up together (though this is one of Elizabeth’s weak spots), I validate them by playing what they wants to, I let them have the freedom of time alone and free play, and, did I say that we talk a lot?  We hug and we snuggle, and I listen to them and they listen to me.  We can get through all that is thrown at us, and succeed.  I will give it my best shot anyway.

Share your thoughts:  How did you feel as you went into your second year homeschooling?



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