Nature Walks – June 2015

“So come, get ready. Don’t delay!  We’re on a nature trail today.”

~Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

As the end of June was drawing nearer, I feared that I wouldn’t really have any good pictures for our nature walks post, it seemed like I spent a lot of time inside this month, worrying or getting job stuff together.  But luckily, I did have some good photos – actually more than I needed!  As the month is drawing to an end and the weather is warm everyday, we’ve been getting out most afternoons for some good time in the woods.  My favorite excursion on the trail this month was, of course, Elizabeth’s nature scavenger hunt idea, which you can read about in my previous post.  So, with no further adieu, here’s some of the fun stuff we saw this month:


Elizabeth and I only spotted this caterpillar because it was perched on the wire climbing thingy (what do you call these things?) for a climbing plant.  It seriously did look like a broken stem, except that it didn’t match the bright green paint.  When we touched it, it swayed side to side too, in a very non-woody way.  🙂


The other day when I pulled the car into the garage, I spotted this beetle on the outside wall.  My best ID is that it is an iridescent long-horned beetle, sp. Meriellum proteus, but I could be wrong.  Elizabeth and I took a long look at it.  I’m sure that I personally have seen one before on our property.  It has a very beautiful quality to the shimmer of it’s wing covers.


Here is Climby, the first pet toad.  Turns out that on Thursday, when we cleaned out the tank, Elizabeth happened to find, and catch, a second toad, and I, worried that we are inadvertently starving the poor thing, suggested that we switch them and let Climby go and take in the new one for a while.  I’m sure that Climby was happy to be free from little children faces peering into the tank all of the time, and happy to be able to catch as much food as was able.  The new toad has been named Burt because that’s what Paul calls it, and I feel that Burt has had less to eat than Climby, so Elizabeth and I have agreed to let it go on Thursday when it will have had a week with us.  Next, onto the hamster (much easier)!


June seems to be the month for spotting screech owls around here!  One day while getting set up for school, I looked out the kitchen window and saw this fellow hoping for an easy meal.  Unfortunately, the only one who’s been eating my bird seed is a chipmunk who has figured out how to get through the squirrel deterant bowl thingy, and it wasn’t dumb enough to make a run up the pole with this predator waiting near by!  When it started getting we in the rain, it soon flew off.

Share your thoughts:  What are some neat things you have seen on your nature trail this month?


One thought on “Nature Walks – June 2015

  1. I love these pics! The coolest thing we’ve seen lately is the tiny toads the size of my thumbnail that are Everywhere right now. You can’t walk through our yard with them hopping about like grasshoppers, and it’s worse in the woods. It. Is. Awesome.

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