How to Get by as a Single Homeschooling Parent (Hopefully). Reflections, Week 47

I feel much more positive this week than last.  I have had some encouraging contacts and have made some decisions that I believe I will stick with; indecision is very hard.  I feel more positive that I am making the right choice in my marriage (yes, I have wavered a lot in my mind); and more positive at the prospect of being the sole bread-winner.

I began my own housekeeping business, and though it’s a far cry from what I had hoped to do with my life when I graduated college, it’s also one of the best money-making jobs in the area.  Last Saturday, I worked my first job, and though I was tired afterward, it felt good to know that I did a good job, and would be getting paid for it.  Today, I returned and that felt good too.  My second job will be as an escort driver for a company that makes sheds and the such; I rode with a friend this week as she escorted a load to see how it goes.  I was unable to take any of the runs that they had scheduled for next week because I have prior commitments with another housekeeping job and with the library, but hopefully, the following week I will be able to make my first run as a certified escort driver.

I also have really been struggling with all the ins and outs that I know will come along with Zumba(TM) .  I actually have a location to do classes, and a night of the week set that will be mine.  But when I went to talk to the manager (I attended her yoga class first – and loved it), she stressed over and over that “No one was making any money” there.  So, hmm.  I guess I knew that, I had just been hoping…  So, I was really beating myself up about what to do, and finally decided to just start with teaching one class.  I think that will not be too overwhelming as I all ready have two whole classes worth of choreography from my last stint with Zumba(TM), but I think that it will be a great activity to temper my other physical jobs, help get me in better shape, and also allow me some adult socialization (for me!).  Besides, exercise feels so good and I know that for the past few weeks, any day in which I fit Zumba(TM) in, I feel happy all the rest of the day.

I had done some research on single-parent homeschooling a few weeks ago, and one thing that many of the women said that allowed them to do it was working multiple flexible jobs, which would allow them to be home when needed and fit the schooling in.  Indeed, how could I fit school in being gone all day 9-5?  I may have to with escorting.  Actually, the escort driving is kind of an after thought.  I had been, and am still, planning to tutor in addition to the housekeeping business and the Zumba(TM), the escorting I applied to just because I love to drive and it sounded very flexible and now I’m hoping it will help fill in some of the gaps.  The good part is that I can take the kids with me!  I don’t think Paul would do well on the longer rides, and not much school will be getting done in the car, but it will be work I can do without having to pay a baby-sitter.

Speaking of baby-sitter, I took the kids up to meet a new one on Monday.  Funnily enough, we spent more time talking about how to become a registered child-care provider than about what all goes into her actually watching my kids.  I don’t know why, but I have really rejected the idea of babysitting up until now, but I left feeling a peace in my heart, as though I had found what I was supposed to do that will work for us.  The more I mill over it, the better the idea appeals to me, though there are a few technical aspects that I’m not sure about.  The course for becoming registered doesn’t start until the end of September, and runs for 11 weeks, which would make it completed in December.  If I choose to go that route, I’m looking at 6 months before I would be registered and able to take more than two children to care for.  But, my heart is telling me that it will be the right course, and one that will allow me to be home with my kids, enough to school them.  I’m just worried if I will be able to continue my obligations to the library as I committed to being a member of the Board for a 3-year term, which began in January – and to being the secretary!  My first concern is my children and homeschooling, but completing my term is #3 on the list, I will do my best to finish!

As I am coming to have a better sense of security in my steps to become more financially independent, I have also been taking some time this week to organize more of our curriculum for the Kindergarten year.  I’d say that right now, I am half-way through it.  I am one of those people who, in high school, when assigned a term-paper, would do all the work early and have it finished the Friday before it was due, just so that I could rest easy over the weekend and not worry about it.  (In college, well, usually you don’t have that much time to get term-papers due…)  Being that kind of person, I really wish to have ALL of the units drawn up before stepping in, just in case one unit ties well into another, or so that I don’t somehow end up finishing up what I have drawn up before I get the rest done.  A part of me boldly exclaims that I won’t be using the unstructured Global Village (GVS) curriculum next year, instead going back to the much more structured Moving Beyond The Page, but another part of me points out how wonderful the GVS resources are and gently pats my back and says that it’ll be ok.  I guess all of this is assuming that I am even able to homeschool next year.  I guess we will see.. about whether I get to homeschool, and which curriculum I choose.

For right now, I am trying to get our K curriculum completed.  I am trying to make enough to live off of, exploring 5 different possibilities.  I am trying to stay positive.  I am trying to spend more time with the kids and less time worrying about the state of my house.  I am trying to not take anything for granted, because you just never know…

Share your thoughts:  What are some flexible jobs that you do to work around your homeschool or kids (even if you don’t have to support your household on it)?


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