T-Ball Mamma (with poll – please vote!). Reflections, Week 44

T-ball is winding down all ready for the community summer teams.  I know that I have really been enjoying it, much more than I had been expecting to, even though Paul will not be made to stand still to watch because the playground is just over there…  This is the last week, and though the community soccer will be starting in a month or two, I’m finding that I’m pretty sad it’s over.

As a little background as to why I’m surprised I have enjoyed it so much is that though I have two kids and know that part of having kids is hauling them around, I have really not been looking forward to being chaufer who spends 5 hours every night taking John to soccer, and then Jenn to ballet, and then John to study club, and then Jenn to marching band, then home for a quick bite for dinner (probably processed food), and then back out for more whatever and whatever before baths and homework and bed, just to get up and do it all again.  Not my idea of fun.  Nope, I like quiet and slow, and especially home-cooked meals.  But, I have found that t-ball has not been too time consuming even though we stay and play at the playground after the games are done.  And I have found that I have been enjoying everyone’s company.  Besides the fact that much of my family comes out to support Elizabeth in each game, I have been enjoying seeing some other parents whom I don’t usually see on a regular basis, and that has been nice.

In addition, Elizabeth and I have practiced hitting and throwing the ball at home, and it’s like heaven to me to be doing these things.  It’s like the iconic American family: practicing sports with my kids.  The high I get out of it is about the same as being able to understand toddler gibberish – which Paul is talking right now – so if things weren’t so shitty crappy in my marriage right now, I’d be on cloud nine.


Maybe I am cut out to be a T-ball Mom.

I’ll tell you a little secret too:  I’ve enjoyed t-ball so much, that I’ve even considered being a coach when I don’t have to watch Paul like a hawk (aka: when he will be made to sit still, or perhaps when he is old enough to play).  On the flip side of that though, is that there is a Zumba Fitness(TM) Instructor training coming up which I am considering doing; but I’ve been an instructor before, and I know that classes generally have to be taught in the evenings and on weekends when participants are available to attend.  What do I do?  I hate to make obligations that might conflict with these fun and important kid activities, but I love Zumba(TM) and it might help pay the bills (eventually).


2 thoughts on “T-Ball Mamma (with poll – please vote!). Reflections, Week 44

  1. I really like your poll, and it is a very tough decision. You have to decide between two things you enjoy. Is there a way you can balance them? Not knowing how many nights t-ball occurs, maybe one night for t-ball and one night for Zumba? I don’t want you to miss out on any time with your children, because they grow up so fast….but at the same time having some time to do what you enjoy is so very important! 🙂 Hugs to you!


    • You’re right Tiffany, it is more complicated than just this and that. What I am worried about most is being single and being tied to these classes and unable to get the kids to activities they need to get to. I’m also worried about the amount of money you have to put into it, but you don’t make back for a few years. It’s a tough decision. Thanks for your comment.


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