‘How Does it Feel to Sleep’ Meditation for Kids

Here’s the word-for-word meditation that I did with Elizabeth on how it feels to sleep that I described in my Week 43 Reflections.  As she is all ready experienced in laying down for a guided mediation, that made it easier.  She pulled out my yoga mat, and I put on some night sounds off YouTube for full effect.  I read it in a soothing voice at a medium-slow speed so as not to lose her by going either too fast nor too slow.  Feel free to use my guided meditation, modifying it for you/your child.

How Does it Feel to Sleep?

Lay on your back in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.  Take another deep breath in, and let it out slowly.  Take another one, let it out slowly.  Feel your body become heavy on the floor as you breathe out.  Breathe in, breathe out.

Now tune into your feet, let them relax and feel heavy.  Take a deep breath in, breathe out.  Let your legs relax as you breathe in and out.  Relax your belly, relax your back, relax your chest, relax your shoulders.  Relax your arms, relax your hands.  Now relax your face, your eyes, and mouth.  Take a deep breath in, let it out slowly.

Imagine you are snuggled up in your bed with your soft blankets.  You feel so warm, you feel safe and happy.  Your fan is whirring softly.  It is dark in your room, but your nightlight casts a green light on all of the things you love and keep in your bedroom.  Your bedroom is a place you love.  It is a place where you go to play and learn, it is where you go to calm down when you get mad, and a place to cheer you up when you are sad.  You love your room, and your room loves you.

You are snuggled up at nighttime in your bed.  Your light is off, and it is dark.  Doggie is in your arms.  You close your eyes and relax your whole body to fall asleep.

A dream appears in your mind.  It is something happy that makes you feel good.  Follow it and allow it to take you to a warm place where you feel love.  You love your dream; it is like Mommy’s arms around you in a big hug, Brother sitting next to you in the armchair, or Daddy carrying you into the house from the car if you are too tired to walk.  What do you do in your dream that makes you have fun and feel happy?

Go ahead and play.

Your dream decides that it is time to go and you need to wake up soon.  Let your dream go and start to feel your body again.  It is laying on it’s back.  Feel our fingers and arms.  Feel your stomach and legs.  Wiggle your toes and move your mouth.  Keep moving a little more.  Do you know where you are?  Open your eyes.  Sit up and stretch up to the ceiling with your arms and to the wall with your toes.  Smile and know I love you.

Questions to ask post-meditation:

What did sleep feel like?

What was the dream that took you into sleep?

What did you play?

Did it seem like you were in our room and in your bed even though you were on the floor in the living room?

To my readers:  Enjoy!


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