Nature Walks – April 2015

“So come, get ready.  Don’t delay! We’re on a nature trail today.”

~Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

I am so happy that spring is finally here, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are leafing out.  April is my favorite month of the year because the first signs of spring are apparent, and I don’t mind the back and forth weather – it keeps it interesting!  I love living in the woods where the first signs of spring are subtle and happen both slowly and quickly: like the trilliums coming up and the little trout lily leaves springing out all over the forest floor.  The kids and I were outside quite a bit this spring, yet I found I didn’t have too many suitable pictures for this post, which I attribute to the spring lighting that made many of the pictures overexposed, and also to the fact that I snapped many pictures of the kids and not as many of what was happening around us.


On April 1, we headed out to go fishing as a family.  I stopped and got my fishing license for the first time, something that Chepe has been wanting me to do for years but that I just couldn’t see as very rational because how do you fish with an infant or toddler constantly distracting you?  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any live bate afterward, so we just headed to an unpopulated stream and let the kids throw their hook-less lines.  While there, we found the first pitcher plants of spring, I’m not sure what the scientific name of these guys is – if you know, leave a comment!


In our woods, my favorite inhabitants are the trilliums.  I think the number of individuals has increased between the first and second years we have lived in this house.  Check out my post on Seedling about trilliums: Spring is Trilliums!  (Next to the trilliums are some trout lily leaves, they are pretty too, aren’t they?)


Lastly, the grass is green out by the garden, and the clover is growing.  While out exploring, Elizabeth recognized the clover, and got down close to check it out with a magnifying glass.  She’s fun.

If you’d like to see more images from our woods this month, check out Signs of Spring on Seedling, where I posted some other pictures, but to not be too redundant, decided to omit them in this post.  Have a happy spring!

Share your thoughts:  What are some interesting things you have seen on your April nature walks?


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