A Healing Curriculum. Reflections, Week 37

Last week I wrote about the uncertainly of the possibility of being able to continue homeschooling because my marriage is falling apart at every single junction, both big and small.  I also said that I had all ready purchased the books for next year that are recommended in the Global Village School curriculum guide, which is actually titled the Whole Child, Healthy Planet Curriculum Guide.  This week, I have been reading them and beginning to draw up preliminary unit plans as that is what I am most familiar and comfortable with.

071As I look more closely at the suggested books all I can think is one word: healing.  If Chepe and I can not make things work out, if I can’t take it any longer, these books will be an incredible stepping stone for opening doors to discuss feelings and to hopefully help my daughter deal with a separation or divorce.  The English literature selections are also labeled as “Whole Child” selections, and discuss things much more profound than musk oxen scribbling out the ABC’s in an alphabet book to selfishly cover them up with things about themselves (which is the basis of the first book we used in the Moving Beyond The Page curriculum, A is for Musk Ox), but rather topics of compassion, morals, getting along, affirmations, and learning to apologize for the right reasons.  I think that the selections will open the doors for discussions on how to deal with the confusion of separation/divorce and will help us to have those conversations about the fact that she’s not to blame and is allowed to feel sad/angry/confused.  If things somehow turn around, then all the better, and the books will still stand for conversations about feelings, affirmations and morals.

But though they are children’s books, I think that they will be healing for myself as well.  Whether or not we will be able to continue homeschooling, I will read them to my children, I’ve all ready bought them – why not?  I love children’s books as well.  I’ve considered aspiring to write one, but no lightning-bolt idea has hit me yet, so I haven’t done it; perhaps my marriage will present my niche.  At any rate, the tenderness of the books, topics that present a launch-pad for exploring my own feelings, and time spent with my child reading them may help me to heal and to move forward.  If my marriage works out, perhaps they will present a spot for my husband to begin healing his own deep wounds, as well as a way to open dialogue between us about feelings that have been shoved down into the depths and avoided at all costs.  And whether we are able to save our struggling marriage or not, hopefully these simple children’s books will also present me with a starting spot for healing the hurts that I have suffered as well.


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