Dinosaur Song, as dictated by Elizabeth

We got down to the Writing Workshop yesterday, and Elizabeth was more than happy to oblige to my request that she tell me something about dinosaurs.  Usually for our Writing Workshops I suggest a theme, occasionally requesting that it be non-fiction.  No matter what my request, there are always multiple pieces dictated, and today’s first was an absolute masterpiece (well, for a 5-year-old).

Dinosaur Song


Whale dinosaur skeleton

Dinosaurs is the bones and the fossil rocks

And more you see the more bones you will see

And then you will see (and what was I going to say?)

Make your dinosaurs be your free.

Most you will see most of the dinosaurs you know

Will be a fossil footprint.

Will you see dinosaur bones?

Do you know how to ride dinosaurs?

If you feed them what they want

Then they will be your friend,

And to be your pet they will be your pet too.

If you have a pet dinosaur T-Rex,

You will feed him meat and that’s what he wants.

And then you will see dinosaurs all big and small,

Then you will be a paleontologist to study dinosaurs.

Does your car look like a dinosaur?

All right.


She is very articulate in regular everyday speech, and I find that when she is dictating she says things in a kind of odd manner, like “Dinosaurs is” or “Make your dinosaurs be your free.”  But overall, I thought it was awesome, since she pulled in so many aspects of dinosaurs, including the word ‘paleontology’ and actually dictated it in a sing-song voice.  I hope it makes as much sense to my readers as I enjoyed it.  She was excited anyway that I was going to post it. 🙂


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