Putting Her Brain Into Math

It seems prominent to me lately that that not too long ago, I was complaining about doing math with pom poms and beans on worksheets, in which we made up word problems about apples falling out of the trees or bean owls flying to and from the tree on the paper, and saying that that wasn’t enough to catch the interest of a 5-year-old.  But then, within just a couple of weeks, those math activities were in the curriculum again and I gave them another try, and voilà – Elizabeth is interested — and using her brain to do them!   Before, it seemed like every time we did these kinds of activities, Elizabeth would let me just tell her the answers, but since we did the Broken Hearts addition with M&M’s, she has been putting her head into the problems and working them out.  We have done these kinds of activities now with M&M’s as well as pom poms about four times since I was complaining, and she seems to be latching on to the math finally.


Beans (instead of pom poms) pretending to be owls flying into the tree.

I’m glad that I didn’t push her into the activities and turn her off of the math.  In the first few months of our Seed To Seedling Homeschool, while we were doing the math activities, if Elizabeth acted disinterested, we would do a little bit and then move on before she became really unsettled; but just as I do with foods that are rejected on the first try, I continued to present the math activities and eventually, she has come around – and I’m really glad.  Does this mean that my favorite math is pom pom addition with word problems about apples falling into the buckets on the ground?  No, but I am relieved that she is getting into it.  We will continue to use these kinds of math activities now, as well, I will continue to find every day uses for numbers and addition to increase comprehension and interest.

Share your thoughts: What’s an experience you have had in which your homeschooled child seemed to suddenly slide into an area that he was perhaps not mature enough for before?


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