‘Mix It Up’ by Herve Tullet


Photo via Amazon.com. Click to be rerouted.

Mix It Up by Hervé Tullet is a wonderfully fun book for children aged 3-7 using interactive art to learn color-blending. Written in a form of giving directions that then have results on the following page, this book encourages kids to touch, count and think, and then positively re-enforces them with praise to continue on. The first time I read this book to my daughter, she asked to read it again, even though we were done with stories for the night. The easy and leading text captures kids’ attention, and fun, interactive instructions have them doing things like shaking the book and smooshing the pages closed to see what colors are produced by their actions.  The illustrations are bright circles and shapes done in paint, making color-blending and art come to life while children learn without realizing it. The extra smudges and splattering help children feel that their own propensity for messes is acceptable. The book terminates with the author encouraging chilfpdren to now go out and try mixing it up themselves. I highly recommend this book for any child, but especially for those interested in color blending and creative crafts.

I received no compensation for this review, I just really liked the book.


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