Nature Walks – September

“So come, get ready. Don’t delay! We’re on a nature trail today.”

~Maurice Pledger

This comes almost a month late, but better late than never, I guess.  My excuse is appropriate though, I feel, as I haven’t had a proper computer for the past three months. But finally!  Though, unfortunately, we are not sure that we like what we got…and may send it back.  Until we make a final decision, I did all ready download some pictures, so I might as well use them.


Summer lake

On Labor Day, we headed to the lake, and enjoyed the summer weather riding bikes, playing in the water park, picnicking, and fishing.


Cicada on sunflower

Elizabeth spotted this cicada while we were down by the garden.  We had just been on the road, and hearing the cicadas, I had commented that sometimes we used to see them on the branches of the trees in Honduras, but I had never seen one here in the US like that.  We briefly looked into the high branches but didn’t see anything there, as cicadas blend in pretty well.  But then we went to the garden and her keen eyes spotted this one on a bright sunflower.


Butterfly chrysalis

One day, I spotted this chrysalis on the little used clothes-line, which is strung between trees behind the house, slightly in the woods.  Elizabeth has long been interested in chrysalises, I sometimes wrap her up in a blanket as a “pupa”.


Large basswood leaves

For the unit in which we read We’re Going On a Leaf Hunt, we went on a leaf hunt. On our hunt, we collected leaves of many different species of trees and shrubs.  Our hunt culminated in these huge basswood leaf, which Elizabeth could not resist. She picked the one in her hand.


Monarch butterfly

Lastly, one day while looking at the cows across the road from the part of the property that is down by the garden (our property touches two roads), I happened to look down and see that the toddler was standing on this monarch butterfly.  We picked it up gently, then carried it down to the horsebarn (that has no horse :(…), and Elizabeth wanted to leave it inside in case it was just stunned.  The following day, she checked to see if it was still there, and it wasn’t.  We hoped that it had flown away and continued on it’s journey south.


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