Reflections, Week 12

This week seemed incredibly uneventful somehow, though by the end of the week I had decided to skip church on Sunday for a day off. We are just plain old busy with raking the incredible amount of leaves that fall on our woods (but the kids do love the leaf piles), harvesting and freezing veggies from our garden before the first hard frost, and doing autumn chores like cleaning and closing up the storm windows for winter. My kitchen also needed a serious mopping because the toddler lets you know he is done eating by flinging food on the floor. Though it seems like it’s hardly worth going through the trouble of mopping because within hours, there is food thrown on the floor again, and, of course, orange juice spilled as well.

Never the less, Elizabeth and I snuck in school nearly every day thus week, almost purely with the motivation to move on to the Halloween unit. I don’t usually tell her until the moment of that we are beginning a new unit, because she will not want to finish up the current one, but somehow I let it slip this time.

We were still in Unit 6, Fireflies, which utilized 100 pennies for adding and counting. The pennies were supposed to be “fireflies.” It was very interesting to watch, as the concept seemed so simple to me, but for a 4-year-old, matching actual objects with number cards, then the pennies with the dots on the cards and working through how the dots and pennies were not the same size, allowed me to see her little brain working and developing. It was cute.

But she continues to be stuck on one idea for the acting activities. In the first and third units, we play acted like animals, and she is just glued to the idea and will not branch off of it. Our objective was to act like opposites, which is so broad that we could be anything as we were acting, but she would not go along with it even if we were animals acting in the opposite way. For a little bit we were fast cheetahs and slow turtles, but that was about all of it, over and over. It is fine, really, I’m not complaining that she loves to play act, just being aware of how it is with her. Play acting is definitely one of her favorite activities though.

Some other things we did this week:

  • Started reading Stuart Little
  • Made fingerprint F’s, plus some tiny fingerprint animals
  • She dictated a detailed account of her experience catching fireflies for me to write down
  • Made up silly and “spooky” songs about Halloween while being recorded

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