A Special Role Model. Reflections, Week 11

My original idea for this week’s post started out quite different from what came out on the paper. My final thoughts were a recognition of some of the good in our lives; I like that.

One thing I like about homeschooling is the flexibility. I’m not one to allow the excuse of flexibility for skipping school, though, in another sense, that’s exactly what I do. The thing is that, especially at the pre-k level, I think of school as a priority, but it comes in second to activities that allow my child to participate in life.

My planner this week was full of big X’s crossed over the plans that I had made, and the same two days of plans kept being pushed down a few times, like my email on scroll. Though school work was sparse this week, we were actually quite busy with autumn-time cleaning and harvesting. The planner is also scratched up due to the fact that my Mom’s husband, who is Elizabeth’s special buddy, has been on vacation for the past five weeks (want his job, don’t you?!). Though Ronald was been using his time to the max doing big projects that have waited all year to be completed, he has also made some time for my daughter and taken her out on special errands, such as to the motorcycle shops.

It’s funny how their relationship bloomed, as he has no children of his own, and she was a little 2-year-old when they really became attached – and all through the magic of dirt-bike crashes on YouTube. It took everyone by surprise, even Ronald a little I think, but they are best buddies never the less.


Motorcycle guy

On their outings, my daughter gets to be immersed in stuff that she is passionate about, as well as meet people, mostly adults, who are also interested in these things. This is important to me, for fostering healthy passions, hobbies, and relationships. I am not a mechanic. I can check my oil and add windshield wiper fluid if I have to, I am a safe driver, but it don’t know much else, and though I want to be interested in what Elizabeth is interested in, I’d really rather read a book about dragons or horses than trucks or motorcycles. It is wonderful then that she has a person in her life who is an expert at machines and who exposes her to, and encourages her in, her passion in a healthy way.

In addition, Ronald is an adult that Elizabeth can look up to, and that treats her with respect. He doesn’t always get the parenting why’s and how’s right, but he is very validating to her in that he gives her his absolute, 100% full attention when they are together and talks to her like she is the intelligent being that she is. I am proud of the role model that he is for her.

Some other things that we did this week were:

  • image

    Egg-carton firefly

    Cook up some recipes from a Dora & Diego cookbook she recently got

  • Catch butterflies and bugs with the butterfly net, including a beautiful Monarch!
  • Spend lots of time outdoors jumping in leaves, playing soccer, t-ball, and golf
  • Make an egg-carton firefly

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