Sick Days. Reflections, Week 10

One of things I like best about homeschooling is, of course, the flexibility that we have to live life around school and do school around life. I also like that when the kids are sick, they don’t miss lessons, lessons are just put off until they are better.

Elizabeth is pre-k age, so really, what would she have missed if she had been going to public school, but if she had, she would have been absent three days this week! Since life is ever unpredictable, we spent the latter part of the past weekend receiving condolences in calling hours and a funeral for my grandmother who passed away last Wednesday. Then, as it is autumn and we were mixed in with so many people, Elizabeth and I fell sick on Tuesday night, with my girl having to go to the ER for labored breathing on Wednesday. After sitting there for three hours, we finally left with a prescription for amoxicillin to combat bronchitis, and Mommy slowly feeling worse and worse with a migraine. Thank goodness for my dad, who had been able to go with me to the hospital to entertain Elizabeth and drive us as I felt so horrible, and for my husband who had been able to be at home watching my son all day! I am so thankful that though it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been at all!

At any rate, we then watched tv until the kid’s bedtime (actually, I fell asleep on the couch, which is quite rare these days). The following day, we allowed ourselves an additional sick day for recovery, I definitely needed it.

Isn’t life just so many ups and downs? Luckily, we are flexible enough to encounter them and thrive. I like that homeschooling allows us this flexibility. Elizabeth is very much better now and loyally taking her medicine, and as she is anxious to be done with it, she is working on counting the days left, counting backward, and practicing the days of the week. Who would have thought?

Though we had much excitement three days of the “school” week, we snuck in two days of “work,” plus lots of iPad apps, like Learning With Homer, which is educational. Tuesday, I tried the last few activities of Unit 5 with Elizabeth again, and we did them ALL – yep, four in one day! Normally we max at two organized activities, so it seems that going a bit slow on this unit paid off in the end. We did the gluing exercise, including the leaf wreath, drew a map together, and then she dictated a story and a little non-fiction ditty that I wrote down in her journal. I was very impressed!

Friday, we also returned to school after being sick. I had wanted to review our sight words and had thought that between units seemed like a good time to do it, so decided that the gap we are in right now was perfect for it. She remembered “he” and “no,” and always reads “you” as “Y-O-U,” but forgets what word it is. We also practiced translating the words to Spanish. After that, we colored more of the All Bilingual Press’s Mis Primeros Poemas while listening to the readings on CD.

I have decided to shelve the Spanish materials for now, except the coloring book of poems, as it just seems a little advanced for her, the size of the boxes to fill in are too small and needing to write the words out is not quite where she is yet. It is for ages 4-7, so we have lots of time to fit it in.

For now, I need to apply myself to speaking and practicing aloud with her, I know I have failed in this respect, and I do feel guilty for that. Luckily, my husband speaks Spanish at home, and he and I speak it together. She obviously understands the language, but has always been allowed to speak in English, even to Chepe, and was never obligated to speak Spanish. But at least the foundation is there. I just  need to do my part more, and really encourage it, make it fun and important. I’ll admit that I find it hard though!


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