Nature Walks, August

“So come, get ready. Don’t delay! We’re on a nature trail today.”

– by Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

I can’t believe that August is finishing up! Can you? We started our homeschool, yet maintain time to get outside. Summer is the easiest time to see interesting things on the nature trail in the north, and we were not let down! Here are some of my favorite things that Elizabeth and I saw together this month.


Elizabeth holding red eft

The tally for red efts seen on our property this summer is up to three, and each successive salamander that we find is smaller than the last. Here’s red eft #2.


Fungus with fungus!

It’s quite humid in the woods, and we have seen a plethora of different types of mushrooms either on the trail or just off of. These were some that really interested Elizabeth, starting out brilliant orange, and then they wilted and got moldy. We laughed at the idea of a fungus having a fungus on it… It also tied into a book on microbes that we got a little bit ago, she’s now an expert!


Tiger moth caterpillar

Elizabeth found this caterpillar at my grandmother’s while my mom and I were having our yearly yard sale. The best ID I could make on it was that it is a tiger moth caterpillar, if I’m wrong, please let me know! The little guy hung out with us for a while, but didn’t want me to photograph it’s face, it was shy.


Argiope spider

This decorated lady has reappeared in the garden. She is an argiope spider, also known as an orb or garden spider. I personally have a phobia of spiders, and as she is the largest spider I’ve ever seen in the north, I always give her a wide berth. But Elizabeth finds her interesting. Here’s a little story: Last year, Elizabeth was loving spiders, and every spider that she found on the house (there are lots as we live right in the woods), she picked up and let run all over her. She knew this lady was in the garden, and as she is so large, and makes a large, sticky web, she was trying to avoid colliding with her. But one day, she forgot, and walked right into the web. The large spider was on her forearm, and that girl screamed bloody murder. This year, Elizabeth gets close to check the spider out, but she is more conscious of where it is. Luckily the web is on the fence where you can’t walk into it.


Rainbow over Niagra Falls

Lastly, and our nature trail doesn’t end remotely close to them, but we went to Niagra Falls one day. It was drizzly, but the sun came out after a while and here’s a beautiful rainbow over the falls.


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