Beginning With Hola

Previously, I blogged about wanting to practice a school-like routine before beginning our actual school work. My motivation was based on wanting to ease my sometimes-strong-willed child gently into the schooling to avoid complete resistance; Elizabeth does love learning, but needs to be pushed in a way that is gently encouraging yet firm at the same time in order to move ahead. So we’ve been workbooking, and she seems to like it.

In addition to the work time we are doing, there are other routine changes that directly and indirectly effect her that I am allowing her time to get accustomed to. First off, we are adjusting her napping routine by dropping napping some days of the week so that she sleeps well during the night. The workbook time coincides with pushing the regularly routined television time back by one hour, soon to be two by or when our homeschooling starts.

So, for a little more than a week now we have been dedicated each weekday morning to the workbooks and it seems to be going well. I have contemplated over and over just starting the regular curriculum because she seems interested and I’m pretty excited myself, but for a number of reasons which seems too lengthy to list here, I am wanting to wait just a little bit longer. But it really comes down to not wanting to have to stop once we start – which is a bad habit to start right at the beginning.


But then yesterday, Elizabeth and Paul were playing phones in the afternoon, making pretend long-distance calls to their grandmother in Honduras, and beyond saying, “Hola, Abuela,” she spoke only gibberish, and as badly as I feel it reflects on me, it made me realize that she must not know how to speak at all. So I made the decision then to begin the Spanish lessons.

Elizabeth was up for it, so we got out her doggies, as the ‘you all’ form will need a bigger audience than one child to learn, and we started with very basic, “Hola, mamá,” and some flash cards.


Today, after a coloring activity, we did it again, but in reviewing, she got bored and decided that it would be more interesting to play cars. I did encourage her back, but as it touched on the same content again, she wasn’t very into it. Note to self: follow her lead on speed, especially as she is not starting from scratch.

One interesting thing that happened throughout yesterday and today was that she was very clingy and quite obedient. Her nature is to be sweet but not very touchy-feely, and though she is generally very well behaved, since April when we had a stressful event happen that indirectly effected her, she has been quite difficult for me and with her brother. So this was a surprise. It has made me wonder, since I bought the curriculum at the same time, if her problem actually was that she thought that I was keeping it from her (because technically I was as I didn’t want to read all the books before hand, nor get everything disorganized), and didn’t know how to express her frustration at that, rather than it being lingering angst about what had happened.


Share your thoughts: How do you prepare for starting school up again? Do you begin piecemeal by only introducing a few subjects at a time?


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