‘A Swim Through The Sea’ by Kristin Joy Pratt

imageA Swim Throguh The Sea by Kristin Joy Pratt is a fun and colorful journey through the alphabet. Written and illustrated when the author was only 16, this creative story follows Seamore the seahorse as he swims through the ocean, while introducing children to sea creatures and the ABC’s. The text uses a plethora of adjectives that begin with the featured letter to describe each sea creature. Newer editions include scientific descriptions of the sea creatures, while the older versions just have a short verse, such as,

“(E) He’d encounter an Eel (F) and find a few Flashlight Fish.”

The pictures are amazing, and I will admit that every time I read A Swim Through The Sea, I am blown away by the detailed watercolor paintings, which use bold colors and are anatomically correct. Honestly, I  could just sit for hours studying the detail Ms. Pratt put into each painting.

Overall, very engaging, fun to read and fun to look at. It is a great way to begin exploring the sea with younger children, but it also seems like it could be a useful tool in observing watercolor for older kids as well.

Check out Dawn Publications to find out more.

PS: Since the original posting of this review, I’ve been poking around in the publisher’s web page, and have discovered that there is also a parent/teacher guide for an ocean themed unit, or series of projects, and it’s not very expensive. Good for homeschooling or summer fun.

Please note that I am not receiving any compensation for this review.





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