Getting To Know The Curriculum

We are just beginning our home school journey, actually, we haven’t even started, and I’m sure some of you would roll  your eyes at my enthusiasm, but I am SOOO excited about it!  Elizabeth is finishing up nursery school, with just 2 weeks left, and then she will be taking the summer off before we begin our studies together in the fall.  I have the complete curriculum in hand and am reading through it, as I don’t like to get started with something just to realize that I don’t know what I’m doing or am short of materials.

Moving Beyond The Page materials

Moving Beyond The Page materials

The curriculum I chose for her first year is Moving Beyond The Page (MBTP) for ages 4-5, as well as All Bilingual PressEspañol Para Los Chiquitos for our Spanish lessons.  In addition, I searched Amazon for Spanish editions of all the MBTP books and found 9, plus Buenas Noches Luna (Goodnight Moon) by Margaret Wise Brown, which is an optional title, and they are on their way right now.  As my husband is an immigrant from Honduras, and therefore much of my children’s family speaks only Spanish, it is very important that they understand, speak, and write the language.  I will admit, though it embarrasses me so, that I have not done my part well in bringing the kids up bilingually, and while their father only talks to them in Spanish and they understand it, Elizabeth doesn’t speak fluently, and I’m hoping to make up for slacking by including it in our daily studies.  It makes me extremely glad, and a little relieved, thus, that I am homeschooling, so that I can make sure that fluency is fulfilled.

All Bilingual Press materials

All Bilingual Press materials

Anyway, I’ve made my way through the Moving Beyond The Page curriculum, and have read the Español Para Los Chiquitos materials. Now, I am making my way through the Spanish CD’s, which is clearing up some questions I had about the program, and jotting down some notes in the parent-teacher guide on that. I am also going carefully through the materials kit that accompanies the English curriculum to make sure that nothing is lacking.  I realize that I am going through the same things over and over, yet I feel like the way in which I’m doing this will also leave me well acquainted with the materials, and I will be comfortable with them when autumn arrives and we begin our classes.

Once I have finished combing through the materials, my next step will be collecting extraneous materials that the curriculums suggest, like blank paper and markers and what-not.  I will also finish noting in the MBTP parent manual things that I could easily do bilingually, as well as reminders on things I’m sure I’ll forget.  I’m glad I got the curriculum so early so that I can get t know it intimately and feel prepared when our classes begin.

Blue Doggie checking out some books

Blue Doggie checking out some books

I would welcome my readers to share their thoughts on things that have helped them in their homeschooling, bilingual child-rearing, or life in general.  Have a great day!


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